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Thematic discussion on design enabling plurality of voices, re-distribution of power. ServDes2020.

I was a panelist in a thematic discussion that took place during ServDes2020 conference. I felt honored to discuss how we can rethink the design process in a group of international experts. The interesting question we finished the panel is: why design asks for diversity now?

Here is the description of the panel provided by the organizers:

This panel discussion talks about how design can enable inclusion of multiple voices, views and value sets into the process of designing. It will address the shortcomings, limitations and challenges that design has in creating reciprocity or decolonizing setting in these processes. It will address difficult questions of distribution of power both during the design process and the impacts of it after design. It will also ponder how the plurality of voices and questions of power impact on the concept of design itself and redefining this?


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