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ServDes2020, Melbourne, Australia

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

I am very excited to contribute to the ServDes.2020 Conference in Melbourne in July 2020. My submission Actionable attributes of service design for business has been accepted for presentation in the short paper track. The co-authors of this paper are Froukje Sleeswijk Visser (TUDelft, The Netherlands) and David Lamas (TLU, Estonia).

Service Design and Innovation Conference (ServDes.) is the premier international research conference aimed at both academics and practitioners.

Actionable attributes of service design for business

The role of service deliverables in the early phases of service development has been studied both in academia and practice. We lack knowledge on the impact of service deliverables for the later phases of the service development process in which service designers are usually not engaged. In this paper, we aim to understand what attributes of service deliverables help business clients to act upon the deliverables on their own after service designers are gone.To elicit actionable attributes of service deliverables, e.g., reports, we conducted semi- structured interviews with five leading and recognizable service design consultants from Poland who lead service design consultancies. We identified three categories of actionable attributes of service deliverables: communication, contextual, and transformative attributes. The attributes might support service designers in empowering their clients to make use of the service deliverables in later phases of service development.


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