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The IDEO U's Community of Practice (CoP)

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

The IDEO U's Community of Practice (CoP) program is coming to an end! It was a wonderful experiential experiment! I spent 5.5 months actively advancing my creative growth with the support of vibrant, diverse, and collaborative people from all around the world. The goal of IDEO for this program was to empower creative leaders and help them come up with better versions of themselves.

We conducted personal growth projects, participated in the global coffee dates, attended assemblies, and were celebrating each other. It was such a human experience (!) set in a design context.

We created the collective village of people of infinite creativity who are eager to connect, share, and listen. A typical member of the CoP has big ears and a big heart.

During the program, I established a project partnership with Sharif from Dubai. We were exploring a question:

How might we consciously create opportunities to develop relationships to challenge ourselves, connect, and build healthy communities?

As a result of remote collaboration and after gathering inspiration in our home locations (Warsaw/NYC, and Dubai), we crafted five insights and had a great time acting upon them and generating ideas. We plan to build prototypes to experiment with our ideas.

The concept is to create a collection of exercises, so people can CHALLENGE (themselves), CONNECT (with others), and COMMUNE (build communities). We generated around 60 practices for developing healthy relationships. The project partnership allowed me to practice remote ideation, self-organization, gratitude for being present, and commitment. Thanks to the CoP, I've experienced that there are amazing people all around the world ready to do amazing things together!

Thank you, IDEO!



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