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Turning insights into action.

This is me

I specialize in humanizing new technologies and creating solutions that provide value to users and businesses. My workshop assumes using the latest achievements in scientific design and human-computer interaction, as well as combining many sources of knowledge and inspiration.

Actionable insights  Writing 
Generative Design Research 

 Synthesis   Exploration

Design for AI   Technology   
Facilitating Creativity

I support companies
in service design
and innovation

I am an Information Technology graduate and design researcher. My urge to make technology more humane turned me into a career in design. As part of the Ph.D. studies at Tallinn University in Estonia, I am conducting research on service design entitled “Actionable service design deliverables.”
I am the author of numerous scientific publications in the field of service design and design methods. 

Clients &


I cooperate with corporations, start-ups, and universities.

I have carried out projects for companies in Poland, e.g., Play, PizzaPortal, iTaxi,, and the Tatra National Park. Working for Senfino, I was responsible for leading the design research team.

I have been a guest lecturer at the School of Form in Poznań, SWPS University in Warsaw, Wrocław and Poznań, Tallinn University in Estonia, TUDelft in the Netherlands and Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. 

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